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About us

Outward Wines is a partnership between Natalie Siddique and Ryan Pace.

We are focused on producing small-lot, site-specific wines that collectively showcase the diversity of terroir across California's Central Coast. We source grapes from expressive vineyards that span the region; including Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Monterey counties. All of the vineyards that we work with are farmed using organic or biodynamic practices and are located in close proximity to the cold Pacific Ocean.

In the cellar we strive to minimize inputs throughout the winemaking process in order to allow for a clear picture of what the site can provide naturally, and to give the wine a true sense of time and place. To that end, we utilize native yeast to carry out fermentations, age exclusively in old French oak barrels, and bottle without fining or filtration. 

While we do our best to allow the wines to speak for themselves, we also recognize the role and impact of the human element in terroir. Our hands and our decisions are reflected in the wines that we produce, so it is not only an expression of site, but it is our expression of site.

Our winemaking approach is informed by the places we have travelled, the background and experience we have in the wine industry, the wines we have enjoyed and been inspired by, the food we prepare and consume, and the friends and mentors that we consult. All winemaking dogma aside, at the end of the day our goal for these wines is for them to be delicious and to provide pleasure to the end consumer.   

Outward is about expression, exploration, adventure, and the unknown. We consistently seek to push ourselves out of our comfort zones whether through adventurous pursuits in the outdoors, working with new vineyards, or simply challenging our own philosophy and approach to winemaking. Outward is our ever-evolving winemaking adventure and we hope you will join us for the ride.  

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